5 Shopify Apps Crucial For Your Business

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Shopify Apps

One of the major selling points of the Shopify platform is the breadth and depth of the Shopify apps marketplace.

There’s virtually no limit to the functionality you can add to your store once you start digging around.

But that leads to a problem…

Some apps look cool – but in reality will end up costing you more than they will make… whilst some apps might not look cool at all – but will seriously add dollars to your bottom line.

Here are 5 apps I like to use in my stores – selected because I know that each one makes me more money (for a variety of reasons) than it costs me…

Disclaimer: I’m fully aware that this isn’t an exhaustive list. It’s just 5 apps I routinely install on any store I set up.


Price: Free – $19/month

Whilst page load speed optimization certainly isn’t the sexiest topic in ecommerce – it shouldn’t be overlooked. Kissmetrics states:

“If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year.”

Image size is the most significant factor in your store’s page loads speed – so it makes sense to ensure your images are optimized for fast load times.

There are a few Shopify apps that achieve this – but I find Crush.pics to do the job well, whilst offering great value for money.

Has It Shipped Yethasitshippedyet

Price: Free – $9 / month

When your store starts to handle some sales volume – you’ll need to be prepared to handle customer service tickets. The most common type of request is from a customer requiring an update on their order. Maybe their shipping confirmation went to their spam folder or they deleted it accidentally – and any number of other reasons.

This app gives you the ability to add a page to your storefront where a customer can enter their order details, in order to see the current status (including tracking info if available) of their order.

It makes your store look more professional, improves the customer experience, and most importantly – seriously cuts down the customer service man hours. All of which adds to your bottom line.


Price: $14.99 / month

This is a very clever app that gives real time sales notifications, directly on your storefront. It’s pure social proof in action – customers coming to your store get the impression of a busy store with a lot of sales activity. And most importantly – you’ll see a noticeable increase in your store’s conversion rate.

Automatic Related Products/Recomaticautomaticrelatedproducts

Price: $19 – $69 / month

These are both apps that add “Related Products” widget functionality to your store front. It’s a very non-intrusive way of cross-selling to your customers, and widgets can be placed on your product pages as well as your cart page.


There are a few Shopify apps that do something similar. I particularly like Recomatic, as it employs a sophisticated algorithm that recommends products based on past sales activity on the store – rather than just showing products from the same collection/product type, like many other apps.

Analytics within the app show how many clicks and sales it has generated – which amounts to several thousand dollars in increased monthly revenue in the stores in which I have it installed.

Free Shipping Barfreeshipppingbar

Price: FREE

This is a great app that increases your average order value, by motivating customers to add more products to their cart in order to receive free shipping. A simple persistent bar at the top of the page shows the customer how close they are to receiving free shipping – and by split testing different target cart values for the free shipping, you’ll find a marked increase in higher order values.

And best of all – this app has a free version!

There are of course tons more apps out there – but the beauty of these 5 are that they require little to no set up, and will instantly make a difference to your store’s bottom line.  The downside, however, is they all are from different companies and require separate fees to use on every store you own.  Alternatively you could just use Ecomisoft’s Shopify App Bundles, which allows you to install and test all the apps you need on up to 3 stores for one low monthly fee.

Hope you found this useful – and comment below with your own “essential” Shopify apps…

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