5 Ways Web Push Notifications Will Help Your Ecommerce Business

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Push notifications have been around for years now, especially for mobile devices. However, recently, the concept of web push notifications has come into the spotlight. These notifications work the same way mobile push notifications work, but are instead delivered to a desktop computer or laptop. They can also be delivered to mobile devices. As other communication channels remain flooded with information from all sorts of sources, web push notifications are a way to market your brand to your audience in a new way.

While more and more companies are starting to use web push notifications, it is still a fairly new method. However, it is a method that you should definitely take advantage of. If you are still unconvinced, here are 5 ways web push notifications will help your ecommerce business.

Gain increased visibility for your messages

While we don’t think you should abandon your email and social media efforts (especially social media: don’t stop using it), it is true that there are so many posts and emails sent every day that it can be hard to get the visibility you need. Web push notifications give you that visibility. These notifications pop up in the corner of a user’s web browser (or their desktop, depending on the program you use) away from all the clutter of their email inbox or crowded Facebook newsfeed. Emails can easily get deleted, or a user can simply swipe past your Facebook post or tweet. Don’t run the risk of your message being missed; instead take action and present it in a new form.

Send alerts in real time

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Your shipping procedure can make or break your ecommerce store, something you already know. Not only do you need a shipping plan that delivers items on time, but more so than that people want notifications of the entire shipping process. Web push notifications are a great way to do this. For example, you can establish an ‘item shipped’ campaign that alerts users as soon as their item ships. While you could also do this via email, a push notification allows the user to be alerted instantly.

These types of web push notifications are also highly personal (as they pertain to one individual user, not a group). This concept is something that consumers today look for in marketing. In fact, 74 percent of consumers reported being frustrated by websites whose content does not seem to pertain to their interests. We’ll touch more on the idea of personalized content (such as ads) later, but individualized notifications about things like shipping is a great way to directly target and connect with your audience.

Save money by not creating a mobile app

Mobile apps are great. However, they are not always necessary for ecommerce brands. It can be very expensive to build out an app and maintain it, something that is not always an option, especially for newer or smaller ecommerce brands. While push notifications are very popular on mobile, if your only reason for creating an app is so you can target users that way, you should really consider web push notifications instead. Not only are web push notifications also seen on mobile devices, but they also target users where mobile push doesn’t. You might think no one uses computers anymore, but the truth is that 42 percent of logged Internet time still comes from desktop computers. Instead of spending the money and time developing an app, make sure your website is optimized for mobile, and utilize web push notifications.

Create ‘smarter’ campaigns by targeting certain users

Remember we said earlier about personalizing your marketing? One way to do this is by creating smarter campaigns that target users based on certain actions they take, products they search for, or even areas they live. Web push notifications give you endless segmentation options. For example, if an item goes on sale, you might target users who have previously looked at that item. Or, if you run a blog, you might target users who have looked at your blog in the past. By segmenting your audience, you can send them notifications that are more likely to be relevant to them. Sending out mass push notifications might work in some cases, but overall you likely will notice that people are ignoring them and not returning to your website.

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Consider switching from cart abandonment emails to cart abandonment push notifications as a method of targeting individual users. If a user has abandoned their cart, trigger a notification that offers a discount code. Not only will you increase your conversion rate, but also the personalized offer is something all consumers will appreciate. Web push notifications help your business grow and help with customer retention, something that is vital for ecommerce brands.

Customers appreciate how easy they are

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Finally, once you start with web push notifications, you will notice how easy it is, especially for users. An alert appears the first time someone visits your site asking if they wish receive push notifications. The user either clicks allow or block, and that is it! No inputting your name, email address, receiving a confirmation email, clicking a link, or anything like that. The process is incredibly simple and involves one quick step.

In a day and age where people are increasingly busy, it is in your best interest to make things as easy for your audience as possible. Not only will your audience appreciate the ease of which they can enable these notifications, but also because it is easy it gives you a greater chance that a user will decide to opt in in the first place.

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