Best Ways to Maximize Your Abandoned Cart Marketing Efforts

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abandoned cart marketing

You’ve heard the stats: nearly 70% of all shopping carts are abandoned. An astonishingly high number. This is not new information, yet plenty of ecommerce stores don’t know what to do about it, or aren’t doing the right thing. Abandoned cart emails are very popular these days as a way to retarget customers to hopefully get them to return and complete their purchase. In fact, we previously wrote an article about abandoned cart emails which you can read here.

The problem is, simply sending an automated message alerting users that they left items in their cart is likely not enough to get them to purchase. There is a lot that you need to take into consideration to get the most out of these retargeting efforts. Here are some additional tips you should keep in mind in order to truly maximize your abandoned cart marketing efforts.

Remind people what they left behind

fiftythree abandoned cart marketing email

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Sending a basic email reminder that a person has left items in their cart is better than doing nothing, but is not the most effective path to take. Instead, remind the user of the exact contents that they left behind, like in the above example from FiftyThree. Today’s consumer shops online at numerous places, so they may simply not remember what it is they were looking at. Therefore, a basic reminder may not be persuasive enough to get the user to return. Instead, include the names of the items and if possible, also include pictures. I may not be inspired to return to buy a Gray Knit Sweater, but if I see the image of the sweater and remember how nice I thought it looked, there’s a greater chance I will. The more details you can include, the better, such as color, size, or price.

Keep carts active as long as possible

There is nothing more frustrating than returning to a website to make a purchase only to discover that your cart is erased. This is especially frustrating on ecommerce sites that have a lot of inventory. A customer has already navigated away from your site once, so now that you have them back, do you really want to frustrate them? No- you want to make the sale!

So, how long should you keep carts active? As long as possible is one answer, but more solidly, try to for at least 14 days. That may seem incredibly long, but according to a study from Barilliance, up to 95% of people who returned to their abandoned cart to make a purchase waited up to two weeks to do so. You want to make things as easy as possible for a customer to complete their purchase, so be sure to keep carts active as long as possible so a customer can finish and pay in as few steps as possible.    

Have a bold CTA

An abandoned cart email’s purpose is not to remind a user that there are items left in his or her cart. Rather, the purpose is to get that user to return to your website to make a purchase. Your goal here is to increase your conversion rates. Therefore, your message needs to inspire people to click and have a clear CTA.

made abandoned cart marketing email

Image: Source

In the above email from furniture store MADE, there is a clear focus on the items the person left behind and the CTA to return to their site. The items are right in the middle of the email, you can’t possibly overlook them, and the CTA is in a bold yellow shade that also is not easily overlooked. The copy of the button itself ‘Go To Basket’ is active and bold.

Don’t be passive in your abandoned cart messages, but instead be bold and inspire the user to take the action and return to your website to make the purchase. We’ll touch more on content of the message a bit later in the article.

Don’t stick to just email

1800flowers abandoned cart marketing push notification

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When you think about cart abandonment messages, you instantly think about email, right? However, don’t limit yourself to that marketing platform only. Push notifications, like the one above from 1800Flowers, are a great way to retarget your audience and get them to complete their purchase. With mobile as dominant as it is lately, it makes sense to incorporate this into your abandoned cart marketing strategy.

Do you not have an app? No problem. Plenty of ecommerce brands don’t have the time or budget to create an entire mobile app. This doesn’t mean you have to miss out on push notifications, however. Web push notifications give you the opportunity to send push notifications both on desktop and mobile devices.

Provide an incentive

Why do people abandon their carts so frequently? One main reason is price. Results from a study to see why consumers were not completing their purchases show that 56% of people abandoned because there were unexpected costs, and 32% said the price was simply too high. For this reason, one of the most popular incentives to provide a customer is a discount code.

However, even with a discount code some customers may still not feel the urgency to complete their purchase. You can provide an additional incentive that also doubles to create a sense of urgency by explaining that the items in their cart will be expiring or selling out soon. If it is a high demand item, you might explain that the item has been reserved for the customer, but will be released soon so that someone else can purchase.

grove abandoned cart marketing email

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The above example from Grove utilizes this tactic by alerting the customer that their cart will expire in three days. If a customer feels like they are missing out on these items and might not get a chance to buy them again if they sell out, they are more likely to convert.

Be patient

Finally, dealing with cart abandonment is a frustrating issue. Your customers show interest in your products, yet for some reason they do not convert. Don’t panic. Start with some of these marketing strategies and see if your abandonment rates go down. As with any marketing strategy, you have to be patient. You didn’t grow a huge business or develop a huge fan base on social media overnight. Therefore, you can’t expect your numbers to plummet right when you get started. However, these emails have very good stats. Salecycle information shows that almost 50% of cart abandonment emails are opened, and 35% of clicks result in a purchase back at the brand’s website.

Keep these tips in mind for maximizing your abandoned cart marketing efforts and you’ll be on your way to decreasing your rates.

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