Improve Your Product Descriptions With These Tips

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Great visuals might help sells your product but nothing is quite as important as your product descriptions. Time and time again it has been proven the copy associated with your product greatly affects whether consumers convert or not. It is, in fact, the final point in the conversion funnel before visitors decide to check out or not. This makes it the … Read More

7 Crucial Content Marketing Tactics for eCommerce Owners

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If you own any kind of online store, chances are you’ve heard that you need to do some content marketing. This broad term can cover anything from short blog posts on your blog to videos to even photographs shared on Instagram. Not only does it help build your brand, it also creates trust, keeps people informed, but more importantly attracts … Read More

Landing Page Flaws That Kill Your Conversions

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By now, many of you are aware of landing pages and how they can greatly help with lead generation and boosting conversions. But did you know that your landing pages could actually be hurting, instead of helping you? Landing pages seem simple enough- someone finds the link either through social media, an emailed newsletter, or by simply surfing the web, … Read More