Teespring Pulls Plug On Shopify Integration

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Are you a Shopify store owner using Teespring for custom apparel products and fulfillment? If yes, unfortunately Teespring is pulling the plug on their Shopify app integration. Here is the recent message to Shopify store owners currently utilizing their app:

How to Best Use Instagram Stories

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Instagram Stories

Its been a few months since Instagram launched its latest feature, Instagram Stories. With this, you can upload images or videos to your live story that disappear after 24 hours. These stories appear at the top of the app instead of down in the usual feed. If you think that sounds familiar, that’s because this feature is very similar to … Read More

Top Social Media Tools for Your Marketing Campaign

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With the handful of social media platforms available today and more on the way, it can be difficult to keep track of all your profiles and keep them up-to-date. Although it might be tempting to let them fall to the wayside, the moment you do that all the hard work you’ve put into building your audience and community does to … Read More

Shopify Partnership With Postmates Allows Merchants to Offer Same-Day Delivery

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shopify postmates partnership

Shopify this week announced its collaboration with Postmates. With this deal, Shopify merchants can now offer same-day delivery as an option for their customers. Same-day delivery has traditionally only existed for larger businesses and corporations, but with this partnership small businesses operating through Shopify will now also have this capability. To start out, the service will be available in 200 … Read More

New August Smartlock Now Available in Stores for $229

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After months of anticipation, August has released the second generation of their popular Smartlock is now available at Best Buy and Amazon. The latest version of the Smartlock allows homeowners to lock and unlock their door via an app. It joins other smart home accessories that August has released including a smart doorbell camera where users can see who is at … Read More

Apple Launches Carekit For Select Health Apps

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apple carekit

Apple has launched its latest project, Carekit, which is a software framework that will work in conjunction with certain health apps. Currently, there are only 4 apps that are using this software, but this number is expected to grow. The apps target various medical issues including diabetes, depression, and pregnancy. With Carekit, users are able to input data into the … Read More

SurveyBot Brings Video Chat to Moving Companies

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Nobody likes moving. Packing up items and organizing them is a hassle for many people, which is why moving companies are such a big business. Yet even with advances in technology moving companies haven’t seen any advances, that is until now. Most moving companies send a representative to your house in order to see all of the items and provide … Read More

iOS Users Can Now Download Microsoft Word Flow

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microsoft word flow

Microsoft’s keyboard app, Word Flow, is now available for all iOS users to download from the App Store. With Apple products remaining as popular as they are, it is a smart move for Microsoft to enter into this market in order to expand their audience. Previously the app was only offered in beta for users to sign up for, but … Read More

Preempt Security Raises $8 Million in Series A Funding

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If you haven’t heard of Preempt Securities, that’s because the company deals in stealth. After hiding in the shadows for a few years, the company announced recently that it raised $8 million in a Series A round. Now how much is the company actually worth? Well, they’re keeping that a guarded secret. General Calayst led this round with contributions from … Read More

Concierge Service App, Aces, Expands to More Cities

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The in-app concierge service provided by HotelTonight, Aces, has expanded to include more than 30 cities. HotelTonight is an app that lets you book discounted hotel rooms at the last minute. The app also provides users with a chat feature that serves as a concierge service. The team of concierge workers, called the “Aces,” are always available to help customers … Read More