Risky Ad Program Coming to Facebook Messenger App

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After splitting apart its messenger service on smartphones and tablets back in 2011, leaked documents now show Facebook’s next stage – personalized ads. The documents, intended for Facebook’s advertising partners, note that brands will be able to send their own marketing materials via the Facebook Messenger app. While no date has been set yet, the changes could go into effect … Read More

Facebook Messenger Soon to Have Ads

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facebook messenger

According to a leaked document from Facebook, ads are being introduced to their messaging platform Facebook Messenger. These ads could start appearing as soon as April of this year. These ads will not function like typical ads however, but instead can only be sent to customers who have previously messaged a company on the platform. As a result of this … Read More

Shopify Introduces Team Collaboration & Communication

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This week Shopify has introduced a great new feature that will likely make communicating with your team members much easier. Instead of having to rely on other methods of communication such as emailing or instant messaging, you can now chat directly in Shopify. The new feature, Timeline, allows you to post comments in Shopify, which is sure to help clarify … Read More

Top Web Design Trends of 2016 to Boost Conversions

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Good web design is by far one of the most important aspects of your business. Research shows a users generally make up their mind about a site in less than a second. So first impressions are very important! Of course after you catch their attention it then comes down to the user experience and how easy it is for them … Read More

Meet Gorgias – An AI that Makes Customer Support More Efficient

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Customer Support. Two words that often send people running to the hills. For consumers, customer support is often plagued with long wait times and unclear and/or confusing answers. For the agents,  pulling up all of the necessary files for each customer and typing in answers to the same ten questions is a time consuming process, which ultimately leads to the long … Read More

Slack Messaging App Wins TechCrunch Award For Fastest Rising Startup

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Monday night was TechCrunch’s 9th annual Crunchies award show, which gives awards to all of the best startup companies and products. There is an open nomination process for these awards, while a board at TechCrunch determines the winners. Grabbing the award for Fastest Rising Startup was Slack, a communication app that allows users to chat in real time, share files, … Read More

Amazon Echo – Now Grab Pizza, a Ride, and Some Tunes

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  Released in 2015, the Amazon Echo has quickly grown in popularity in homes around the world. With more people expecting more from their voice-controlled devices, Amazon has stepped up their game and created partnerships with Domino’s Pizza, Uber, and Spotify.  Better yet, the first time users order a car through Uber, they receive $15 off with a discount code. Ordering a … Read More

Facebook Invites 1.5B Close Friends to Its Birthday Bash

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Facebook Headquarters

Believe it or not Facebook turned 12 this year, and to celebrate the company decided to include all its users in the celebration. Every user on Facebook was greeted with a special video showcasing his or her experience on Facebook since first joining. To mark this occasion the company decided to call the day ‘Friends Day.’ Users could watch and … Read More

CustomInk Acquires Represent

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CustomInk Cover

The latest from the Los Angeles startup scene comes courtesy of a company acquisition in the online custom apparel industry. One of the largest stores in this business, CustomInk, recently acquired Represent, a similar ecommerce custom apparel company. The acquisition reportedly cost close to $100 million. While both companies are similar, Represent is famously known for its work with celebrities … Read More