Concierge Service App, Aces, Expands to More Cities

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The in-app concierge service provided by HotelTonight, Aces, has expanded to include more than 30 cities. HotelTonight is an app that lets you book discounted hotel rooms at the last minute. The app also provides users with a chat feature that serves as a concierge service. The team of concierge workers, called the “Aces,” are always available to help customers make dinner reservations, send additional supplies to hotel rooms, list local things to do, and more.

When the service launched last summer, it was only available in 5 cities: DC, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, and San Francisco. As of today, the service is spreading to additional cities located all over the world, including Atlanta, Miami, London, and Toronto. To have access to the service, you must spend at least $200 on your hotel room.

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People initially responded very well to the service, and there is data showing that the service actually made people more likely to book rooms through HotelTonight in the future. Customers who used Aces were 34% more likely to book again in the next 90 days, and those who were informed of the Aces program during the booking process were 30% more likely to go on and actually book a room.

Customers who are eligible to use Aces get access once they check in to their room, and can use it as much as they want during the duration of their stay. The average response time from an Ace is 23 seconds. Additionally, all of the Aces are actual humans, and not automated bots. While some questions can be answered automatically, such as the hours of a restaurant, an actual person initially responds to all messages that are sent. That is pretty incredible when you look at the stats on response times, as well as the number of messages sent (hundreds of thousands!)

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What makes this service unique is the fact that humans answer messages. Anyone could easily Google the hours that a restaurant is open, but Aces go farther than that and will give you personal responses based on their opinions and experiences with restaurants you are asking about. And the ability to send a text message asking for more towels is much quicker and more convenient than having to call down to the front desk. Next time you find yourself in one of the available cities, try it out and see if it makes a difference!

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