FAQ Pages Benefit You as Well as Your Customers

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FAQ benefits customers and brands

You know what frequently asked questions are, likely you’ve enlisted their help when browsing an ecommerce site other than your own, but are you entirely aware of their value? Not only are FAQs helpful for your customers, they help you out too. If you haven’t created an FAQ page yet, don’t panic. In fact, if you are a new ecommerce company, you might not even have an understanding yet of what common questions would be regarding your business (a point we will discuss in more detail later).

For starters, your FAQ page is a place to answer questions that customers are likely to have about your business. This may sound obvious, but it’s important to note that this is distinct from other types of informative pages such as an About page, or any blog posts detailing certain facts about your company. Keep your FAQs specific to questions your customers might have about their actual journey through your website as they (hopefully) make a purchase.

The presence of this page, as you’ll see, will benefit both you and your customers in several different ways, making it a crucial part of your website. Here are the top benefits you’ll experience from having a FAQ page.

You’ll save time

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Having an FAQ page will save you a lot of time answering customer service questions. This is especially important for smaller businesses who don’t have large teams of people working for them. Your customer service responsiveness is also crucial to your business success, but by providing answers to common questions, you’ll have less customer questions you have to respond to.

By taking the time initially to set up this page, you will save yourself countless hours in the long run. Keep in mind that your FAQ page should not replace your customer service entirely. Rather, it should compliment it and be a solid first step a customer can take if they have a question. With all of the most common asked questions answered, your number of customer service calls, emails, or live chats should decrease greatly.

We recently wrote an article about customer service tips which you can take a look at here.

You’ll understand your audience more

 Remember what we said earlier about not knowing certain questions about your new business? While there are certain basic questions you can anticipate people will have (such as your return policy or shipping procedure), more specific questions regarding your brand will arise with time. This is where you also benefit from learning about your audience. By listening to them and responding to their questions, you can learn a lot about their mindset, their concerns, and even their buying behavior. If you keep getting the same question over and over, you know this is something you should add to your FAQ page.

Thinking beyond your FAQ page, their questions can help inspire possible new products or features on your website. For example, if you keep getting questions about a rewards program, consider creating one. Answering these questions will help you to understand your audience and what they are looking for from your brand, something that is crucial, especially for new brands. Additionally, by analyzing these questions and determining common ideas, you can create a complete FAQ page that customers will appreciate. While you won’t be able to address every question your customers will ever have, by answering the common ones, you will appear more knowledgeable about your customers and their concerns about your brand.

You’ll have a solid truth signal

 You’ve heard this before, ecommerce stores can sometimes be hard to trust. With billions of websites out there, it can be hard for a user to understand which companies are legitimate, and which ones are not. This is especially true for ecommerce stores that involve users inputting personal information like credit card numbers. However, there are things you can do to inspire trust in anyone who navigates to your website. In particular, having a FAQ page will be a huge help for people concerned about making a purchase with you.

The presence of this page will give customers more solid information about your website and help lessen any fears they might have of making a purchase with you. As we said earlier, your FAQ page should answer questions that a customer might have as they are going through the process of making a purchase on your website. This page, combined with customer service options, will boost confidence levels in your brand.

You’ll improve your SEO

 You might have a perfectly optimized website when you first launch, but the reality is that you need to keep up this work continually in order to stay highly ranked on search engines. In particular, if you don’t ever add any new content to your website (say you are an ecommerce brand with a specific set of products that never change), search engines might eventually believe that your site is old and therefore not relevant. Don’t let that happen! A great way to boost SEO is via an FAQ page, or even better, a network of pages devoted to answering questions.

By building out separate pages for answers to questions, you have the opportunity to rank those pages on Google and other search engines. These will also be opportunities to regularly update your content (either by adding new pages or updating the information) which also helps to encourage search engines to crawl your site and keep it ranking highly. You can also use them for internal linking purposes which also helps SEO (read our article on the importance of links here).

FAQ Shopify

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The above example, from Shopify, is a great example of a well developed FAQ page that involves multiple pages. Each question is grouped into a logical category, and is then further linked to its own specific page with a detailed answer. Depending on your ecommerce store, you may have far less FAQs, but you can still model your page after this example and achieve the same effect.

You’ll make your customers happy

 Finally, a FAQ page will make your customers happy. Happy customers are more likely to become repeat customers; a goal every brand should try to achieve. While customer service options are quicker now due to things like social media and live chat, these can still be too time consuming for people. Your customers will appreciate having the answer provided to them without having to go out of their way to ask a question and wait for a response. The quicker they can have their answer, the more likely they are to go through with the purchase.


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