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It’s no secret that content marketing is one of the best ways to build up brand awareness and increase customer engagement. The problem for a lot of small businesses is good content takes a lot of time and money. The hardest thing about content marketing is that even if you get a lot of likes and shares on social media, these don’t necessarily translate to a good return on investment (ROI). While in the beginning you may just be looking to build awareness, eventually you want your content marketing to be profitable as well.

So how do you maximize your content marketing ROI? It’s not as complicated as you might expect though it will take sustained efforts over time. With that said, following a few of these tips can push your content marketing ROI from negative to positive.

Choose a couple channels for promotion

maximize content marketing roi

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It might be tempting to promote your content on every single social media channel. After all, the more places you post it, the more likely people will see it, right? Unfortunately, the problem with is that users of each channel behave differently. Content that is popular on one site might not do as well on another, which means you’re wasting your time promoting it on all the sites.

If you want the best bang for your buck, focus on only a few channels where you’ve noticed the best returns. For best results, identify these channels before you even create your content so you can better tailor them to those particular audiences. This includes everything from the topic to even the title of your piece.

So how do you choose what channel on which to focus your content marketing? The best thing you can do is analyze your old content marketing efforts and see the amount of visitors and customers you’ve received from each channel. From there you then divide up the sales by the amount of time it cost you to create that piece of content. You’ll notice that some channels far outperform others. Then it just becomes an easy choice for you where to focus your efforts.

Keep Updating

If you’re savvy at content marketing you know there are two types of content: evergreen – those that will be useful years from now – and non-evergreen – those that go out of date quickly. The problem with the latter kind is that it becomes irrelevant quickly. Sometimes within a couple months. In order to combat this you should update your content as much as possible to stay on top of the latest changes and/or trends.

While this might take some time, it takes far less time than creating completely new content and helps boost your Google rankings. It also allows you to promote it on channels multiple times because you’re adding new information to it. You can send out a quick email to your subscribers or tweet to your followers to let them know you’ve made changes. This, in turn, will increase shares and visits to your site. It also has the side benefit of increasing your overall authority as it shows you stay up-to-date on the latest news and care enough about your work that you make sure it remains useful.

Don’t Stop Promoting

Just because your content isn’t ‘hot off the press’ doesn’t mean you can’t keep promoting it. If you want the best ROI on your content, you’ll want to spend most of your time promoting it. That means promoting it a month or even a year after publication. You can easily post a reminder on your own profiles after a few months to increase traffic to your site. You can also set up Google Alerts to let you know when someone is talking about something you wrote about. Comment and include a link to the article. Be sure you don’t come off as too promotional though as it is a good way to get ignored. Make sure the link you include actually adds value to the discussion and answers the questions.

Leverage Social Advertising

Even if you have the best content in the world, if no one sees it then it serves no purpose. If you want to maximize the ROI of your content, one of the best things you can do is advertise. This is especially true on social media sites. Each one comes with their own challenges: Twitter has millions of tweets every day so your’s will get lost in the crowd while Facebook’s algorithm makes it difficult to increase your organic reach. Take advantage of the advertising options. Not only will it significantly increase your reach, thanks to all of the data these social media sites collect you can get your content in front of your target market.

Measure Your ROI

maximize content marketing roi

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This might seem like common sense, but many people do not measure the ROI for each piece of content. Of course, determining how to measure it is based on a variety of factors so you need to know how to calculate it and then measure it for every piece of content you create.

Why? It will show you exactly what types bring in the most money and stop you from wasting your time on the content that does not work. If you don’t measure it, you’ll have no way of knowing what types of content or promotion techniques work. Measuring this data will also show you shifts in your customer base and what they want. Perhaps what worked a few months ago are no longer as possible. You can then start switching over to the new format and channel your customers prefer with ease.

Content marketing is an amazing tool for your business, but only if you know how to properly use it. If you are spending more money and time creating your content than what you are making from it, it is time to rethink your strategy.

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