New August Smartlock Now Available in Stores for $229

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After months of anticipation, August has released the second generation of their popular Smartlock is now available at Best Buy and Amazon.

The latest version of the Smartlock allows homeowners to lock and unlock their door via an app. It joins other smart home accessories that August has released including a smart doorbell camera where users can see who is at the front door on your phone, and a smart keypad to create unique pins for friends and family to access your home.

You can operate all devices through touch or using Siri voice commands. This latest version of the Smartlock also uses third-party HomeKit apps like Insteon+, Lutron and iDevices to access the lock and switch on and off lights.

Besides using it on your phone, it also is compatible with the 4th generation AppleTV and Apple Watch. Not all deadbolts are compatible with the Smartlock so you’ll want to check this handy list to make sure your’s is on the list.

Although expensive at $229, the Smartlock is priced much lower than much of its competition and it can be installed in four easy steps:

  1.  Remove the thumb-latch on your old deadbolt.
  2. Attach the August mounting plate to the deadbolt
  3. Attach the adapter to the back of the lock and lift the wing latches.
  4. Connect the lock to the mounting plate and flip down the wing latches.

It also now has an improved grip to prevent potential slips by installing “micro-patterns” around the side. An indicator on top shows if the door has been locked or not.
While the Smartlock might not be for everyone, it might be especially tempting for those who have visitors like dog sitters or cleaners or even roommates who tend to forget keys.

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