Why Analytics is Crucial to Your Customer Engagement Strategy

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By now, you probably know that customer engagement is the key to success for your ecommerce business. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to grow your loyal customer base. In fact, 65 percent of businesses believe customer engagement is the main driver behind growth, yet only 1 percent of customers feel like businesses meet their expectations. Why is this? The fact … Read More

Increasing Revenue and Loyalty Via Packaging Inserts

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packaging insert

You’ve just sent out your latest shipment of packages to your most recent customers. You’re happy, and they will soon be happy when they receive their order- right? Maybe. Hopefully you have a great product that will in fact make your customers happy, but you could always do more to boost that relationship. Instead of spending all of your time, … Read More

Use Videos for Every Step of the Customer’s Journey

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Like it or not, video is one of the most powerful ways to drive results for your ecommerce business and studies back up this claim: There’s a 105 percent increase in time on site. Conversions are 2 times greater on sites with video than those without. Website visitors are 64-85 percent more likely to buy a product after watching a … Read More

How to Gain Signups Before Your Product is Released

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The process of building your ecommerce brand is an exciting one, and as you approach your launch date, the excitement only builds. However, are you keeping that excitement contained to just the team of people working with you? Getting people excited about your products ahead of time will be key to a successful launch. You want to gain signups before anything … Read More

How to Use Product Pages to Increase Conversions

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Have you spent too much time perfecting your website homepage, but nothing else? It can be easy to get caught up in certain aspects of your ecommerce business, and having a well-designed homepage is certainly a necessary component (see our thoughts on homepages here), but don’t forget to look at the entire picture when building your website. In particular, product … Read More

Maximize the ROI of Your Content Marketing

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It’s no secret that content marketing is one of the best ways to build up brand awareness and increase customer engagement. The problem for a lot of small businesses is good content takes a lot of time and money. The hardest thing about content marketing is that even if you get a lot of likes and shares on social media, these don’t … Read More

Email Marketing Ideas to Increase Customer Engagement

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Thanks to the advent of social media, there are dozens of different ways to reach your customer. With that said, email marketing still remains one of the most effective methods available. In fact, according to campaignmonitor.com, for every $1 spend, email marketing generates $38 in ROI. Not only that but email is more effective at acquiring new customers. In fact, studies … Read More

Shopify Partnership With Postmates Allows Merchants to Offer Same-Day Delivery

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shopify postmates partnership

Shopify this week announced its collaboration with Postmates. With this deal, Shopify merchants can now offer same-day delivery as an option for their customers. Same-day delivery has traditionally only existed for larger businesses and corporations, but with this partnership small businesses operating through Shopify will now also have this capability. To start out, the service will be available in 200 … Read More

5 Reasons You Should Incorporate Live Chat Now

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It doesn’t take a marketing genius to understand the importance of excellent customer service to the long-term success of your ecommerce business. The more connected your customers feel, the more they will advocate and spread the word to their friends. Unlike physical stores, you don’t have the benefit of employees who are patrolling the aisles, but that doesn’t mean you’re at … Read More

5 Ways Your Homepage Can Increase Brand Engagement and Trust

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First impressions. Whether you’re meeting a new person or searching for a new company, first impressions matter. This is particularly important for ecommerce brands. Your homepage serves as your first impression for any potential customers, and given the number of ecommerce brands out there, if a customer doesn’t like what they see, they can quickly leave and find something else. … Read More