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This week Shopify has introduced a great new feature that will likely make communicating with your team members much easier. Instead of having to rely on other methods of communication such as emailing or instant messaging, you can now chat directly in Shopify.

The new feature, Timeline, allows you to post comments in Shopify, which is sure to help clarify your ideas, as they will all be in one place along with all of your Shopify information. Even if you are a one-man team, you can benefit from this system if you need to remind yourself of something. Need to update an order or contact a customer? Submit a note on the order telling yourself what you need to do! No need to worry about forgetting all of the little tasks you need to get done during the day.

In addition to posting comments or notes, you can also tag a team member directly if you are looking to get a specific person’s attention. Simply tag them using the @mention system, and you are good to go! The system works just as other messaging platforms like Facebook or Twitter, simply add the @ symbol in front of someone’s name to tag them. Once you send your comment the person will also be directly notified.

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Timeline also has emoji support (they really are everywhere now!) and allows you to link directly from comments to other parts of Shopify such as orders, products, or customer profiles. To link directly you can embed these things directly into your comments, helping to ensure that everyone knows exactly what you are referencing. Things that are embedded will come with a link that takes you directly to the source. If you tag a customer, their info will appear directly in your comment along with a link to their profile. At the end of the comment bar there are three symbols- the smile adds emojis, the @ sign tags team members, and the # symbol will open the menu that allows you to embed info from your Shopify account. Everything you need is located all in one place!

This new feature truly removes the need to have any other sort of communication or reminder tool. It is available now for free for anyone using Shopify, no matter your Shopify plan. Look for the Timeline bar at the bottom of an order, simply type your message, tag team members if you like, and hit post! It’s as easy as that. Messages will post in chronological order so that most recent info will always be seen first.

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