Shopify Partnership With Postmates Allows Merchants to Offer Same-Day Delivery

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Shopify this week announced its collaboration with Postmates. With this deal, Shopify merchants can now offer same-day delivery as an option for their customers. Same-day delivery has traditionally only existed for larger businesses and corporations, but with this partnership small businesses operating through Shopify will now also have this capability. To start out, the service will be available in 200 cities across the U.S, equating to about 21,000 merchants.

Customers who are eligible for this service will select “on-demand delivery” when checking out. This service also will include order tracking and on-demand courier service, according to Shopify. Not only will this delivery option be beneficial for customers, but also for the small businesses themselves, as having to handle all the ins and outs of packing and shipping products can be frustrating and time consuming. Postmates would take that stress away, as they would handle the shipping process instead.

On-demand delivery is not automatically available to merchants in the eligible states. If you are eligible, you should be notified the next time you are on Shopify via a pop up card. You can either choose to ‘Get Started’ or ‘Learn More.’ If you select you want the service, it will take you through the necessary steps to get your shop set up.

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Shopify Merchants will have to enter info about their store including their hours of operation, special delivery options, and contact information. You can also decide if and how you wish to advertise the same-day delivery. Even without promoting, the option will be available to customers when they checkout as soon as everything is properly set up.

When a customer does select same-day delivery, the seller only has to worry about packing the product and requesting a pickup from Postmates. A courier from Postmates will arrive to get the package and deliver it to the customer.

Previously, Postmates has partnered with companies like Apple, Walgreens, and Starbucks to offer same-day delivery. Their partnership with Shopify and expansion to smaller businesses proves that the demand for same-day delivery is only increasing. This is further confirmed by the expansion of Amazon’s same-day delivery program, Prime Now. This service is currently available in more than 25 metro areas, and now has its own website and mobile app. Prime Now users are able to select between one-hour and two-hour delivery times.

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