Common Issues / Frequently Asked Questions.

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Q: Where are the Bonuses?
A: The bonuses are located in the main Shopify Store Pro course in Section 10 at the very bottom.

Q: I need advice…
A: Please direct questions like to the group so that others may benefit from the response. You will often get the information you are looking for much faster as well.

Here is the link to the group:

Q: The videos are blurry…
A: ALL videos are FULL HD. You just need to hit the “HD” button at the bottom of each video and you can also watch the video in full screen mode by clicking on the full screen button at the bottom of each video.

Q: I did not receive my login details/Cannot access
A: You should have received access details via email to the address you provided when checking out. You can log into the members area with those details to access all your purchases.

The members area address is

Please check your spam/junk folder if you do not see it. Also, you may be checking the WRONG email address. Please check the email address you used for ACCESS during purchase (may be different than your paypal email address).

Q: Volume Issues
A: The volume bar is located at the bottom right of each of the training videos. If you still cannot hear them, please try adjusting your computer settings, another computer, your phone, or try using earbuds. Also, trying using a different browser.

Q: Videos lagging, stopping, or freezing.
A: This is an internet connectivity issue. Try using the Google Chrome browser. If you are in a country outside the US and Canada, trying connecting to the internet via a different connection (direct ethernet as opposed to wifi, for example). Also, if you have been watching the videos for an extended period of time, it may just be a browser cache issue. Please try refreshing your browser, and do close any unnecessary windows/tabs and other programs.



If you still need to submit a ticket, you can do so HERE:

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