SurveyBot Brings Video Chat to Moving Companies

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Nobody likes moving. Packing up items and organizing them is a hassle for many people, which is why moving companies are such a big business. Yet even with advances in technology moving companies haven’t seen any advances, that is until now.

Most moving companies send a representative to your house in order to see all of the items and provide a quote. Not only is this inconvenient for you as you need to adjust your schedule to suit their availability, it also costs moving companies $250 each time they send someone out. If you try and handle the estimate over the phone, the quote is likely inaccurate as the company cannot actually view the exact items and you’ll end up with a much higher fee than what was offered.

Enter SurveyBot. Created by former employees of Moveline, this software integrates directly with a moving company’s website and enables video chat between a representative and the customer. Not only can customers directly talk with someone, the reps can easily see and take inventory of the rooms for a completely accurate quote. In the end, it saves time and money for both users.

Of course, the software isn’t free for moving companies, but it is much cheaper for the moving company than sending someone directly. SurveyBot costs $20 per transaction for every deal. And since they are just offering software, Crate – the company that created SurveyBot – can easily expand their services worldwide.  The service is free, however, for shippers and is downloadable on your iOS device.

Just recently the company raised $300,000 in seed funding after bootstrapping their efforts for a few years.

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