5 Reasons You Should Incorporate Live Chat Now

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It doesn’t take a marketing genius to understand the importance of excellent customer service to the long-term success of your ecommerce business. The more connected your customers feel, the more they will advocate and spread the word to their friends. Unlike physical stores, you don’t have the benefit of employees who are patrolling the aisles, but that doesn’t mean you’re at a disadvantage. In fact, one of the best weapons in your arsenal is Live Chat Support.

What is Live Chat?

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You’ve likely seen this option in some form on different websites. If you haven’t, Live Chat is essentially a piece of software that allows users to connect directly with a customer service representative who can then answer questions instantly. Of course the obvious benefit here is you can connect at the exact moment your customers navigate to your site, but there are some additional advantages of incorporating Live Chat to your site.

Real-time convenience

The biggest reason to implement live chat on your site is because it is convenient for your customer. They don’t need to call or peruse your social media profiles for the answer. Instead, all they have to do is press a button and they can instantly connect with someone who can immediately answer their questions. This helps foster strong relationships between with your customers. After all, around 32 percent of customers expect a response time in less than 30 minutes. If you can offer speedy AND quality responses you’re sure to build customer loyalty. How does this translate? Repeat visitors. A recent survey found that 63 percent of customers were more likely to return to a site that offered live chat.

Not only does Live Chat address customer issues, it also provides a way to offer advice to customers so they can make more informed purchasing decisions. For example, apparel stores can offer personal style advice.

Cost Effective

Having Live Chat can potentially increase your overall sales since customers receive helpful advice on what to purchase based on their interests. The better your responses, the more confidence you build with your customer, which translates to increased value of their initial purchase and increased likelihood of transforming them into repeat customers.

With Live Chat software, you can also reduce the overall cost of the contact center as it decreases the average interaction cost by increasing overall efficiency. After all, live chat allows customer service representatives to handle multiple queries at the same time, ultimately reducing the need for additional representatives. This also helps reduce wait time since they can easily handle phone conversations and chats at the same time.

The software itself is also affordable for small to mid-sized businesses as companies like Kayako and LiveHelpNow offered tiered solutions to suit your size.

Competitive Edge

You’d think with all of the benefits of Live Chat most ecommerce businesses would be using them. That’s not necessarily the case. While the number of businesses who use it are increasing, many more do not offer this simple option. That means you have an edge over your competition by offering it on your site. For the customer, it shows that you have a commitment to top-notch customer service, something you can tout when winning customers over from your competitors.

Deeper Customer Relationships

The overarching goal of customer service is to retain your customers. Without repeat customers, your business likely won’t succeed in the long run. After all, its the ones who come back multiple times that end up spending more and referring friends and family. A simple live chat program can foster these long term relationships and build it up faster because it shows how dedicated your company is to the customers’ input and overall happiness.

Address Customer Pain Points

Customers generally go to live chat when they cannot figure out the answer themselves. This means some parts of your site are not clearly addressing questions customers might have. Luckily, with live chat you can save the transcripts and go over each of them to find out how many people are asking the same questions and then figure out a way to solve it. This might be as simple as adding in some more description for your product or might require you to redesign the entire user experience. Whatever the case, these live chat logs provide valuable data on how your customers use your site and the trouble areas. It might even provide insight into why so many are abandoning their carts at a specific section.

Of course even if the answers are on your site, often customers may overlook it. While going through the transcripts you should make note of the most common questions and create prewritten responses to them. These might include simple answers or a link to a page that has the requested information. This can ultimately save a lot of time not only for the customer but for your representatives as well so they can move on to address other questions.

Supercharge Your Live Chat

As you can see, there are many benefits to Live Chat, but you’ll only see them if you execute it properly. If you follow the tips below you should be well on your way to seeing positive results:

  • Train your employees thoroughly so they have a deep understanding of your company, inventory and site navigation. Offer cheat sheets and FAQs for better performance.
  • Keep a close eye on your analytics and take note of the hours your customers visit your site. Even if you’re based in the US it’s likely you have several international visitors.
  • Be personable on the chat. You want to provide warmth and human interaction for your customers.
  • Prepare for a significant increase in chat volume. Make sure to address all of the customers as quickly as possible even if it is simply to let them know they will be connected with a representative shortly.
  • Offer chat features so customers can customize the font or even request a transcript.

Since there are some Live Chat programs that are so affordable, there’s no reason not to offer it on your site. Implement it  once you have everything properly set up and see your conversion increase.

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