Prime Video Available $8.99 per month

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amazon prime video

You no longer have to be a Prime member to take advantage of Amazon’s impressive log of movies and TV shows. Only a few years ago Prime Video seemed more like marketing stunt. Now it is a full service complete with its own separate subscription. Although it certainly has a much later start than Netflix, Amazon is pushing hard to present … Read More

Snapchat Uses 3D Stickers to Augment Reality

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If you’ve ever wanted to place a sticker on your cat’s face without later feeling their wrath, now you can with Snapchat’s newest feature – 3D stickers. All you need to do is record a video, tap the sticker button, place the sticker over the object and then long-press to confirm attachment. This might seem like a fairly simple concept, … Read More

Customer Complaints – How to Nip Them in the Bud

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customer complaint

All retailers have the same fear – customer complaints. Whether it’s about the product, customer service, hidden fees or slow shipping if you don’t address and solve the issue immediately it could damage the brand’s reputation for years. Luckily, you can avoid some of most common pitfalls and complaints with a little bit of foresight and solid understanding of your customers’ needs. Although … Read More

Felt and Punkpost Let You Craft Personalized Cards

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Handwritten greeting cards and notes have almost become a relic of the past. Sure, you may receive the odd birthday or Christmas greeting card in the mail, but more often than not communication has gone almost completely digital. People are tied more to their devices than ever and the collective penmanship has decreased because of it. Still, who doesn’t love … Read More

Thrive Market Now Available on Android

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thrive market

Thrive Market has always sought to offer healthy and organic products to consumers. And with the demand for these items growing, the company itself has expanded into new territory. While it will still maintain its online grocery store, it will now also offer a new mobile application. Rather than navigate to the webpage, the app allows shoppers to purchase natural … Read More

Niche Marketing Strategies to Build Your Business

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niche marketing

For every eCommerce store that makes it big, hundreds more small business owners struggle to gain a sizable audience. If you fit into the latter category  there’s still plenty of ways you can build up you customer base without spending millions of dollars on ads. The best recipe for success: define your niche market and then grow from their. This … Read More

Cartwheel App Lets You Clip Coupons for Target

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Cartwheel – Target’s shopping app – has expanded into coupon territory. Now users can find digital coupons from manufacturers and save even more money at checkout. The original version of Cartwheel only focused on offering percentage off purchases. While it still saved customers money, the discounts were often negligible, adding up to a few dollars per shopping trip. These digital coupons … Read More

Square Offers New Online Checkout API

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Stripe might have had their day in the sun, but Square is coming for them and other online checkout systems with their latest API. The upgrade now allows businesses to process credit card payments via a simple form. Square then processes the payment in the background. On the customer side, there is no need for an e-wallet. All they need … Read More

Automated Abandoned Cart Emails – Why You Need Send Them

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abandoned cart email

In the world of ecommerce shopping cart abandonment is quite likely the biggest bane for most retailers. In fact the average rate is around 68 percent or roughly 1 in every 4 customers stick around to make a purchase. It’s even worse for newly minted ecommerce stores since the majority of new visitors will not buy on their first visit. While … Read More

TipTalk Lets You Chat with Celebs

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In today’s day and age many celebrities have their own Instagram, Twitter and even SnapChat accounts. Still, most of the time these are run by their personal assistants and can often be a bit impersonal mainly because celebrities themselves are far too busy to respond to the endless fan mail they receive. A new iOS app – TipTalk – hopes … Read More