Increasing Revenue and Loyalty Via Packaging Inserts

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You’ve just sent out your latest shipment of packages to your most recent customers. You’re happy, and they will soon be happy when they receive their order- right? Maybe. Hopefully you have a great product that will in fact make your customers happy, but you could always do more to boost that relationship. Instead of spending all of your time, energy, and resources on acquiring new customers, have you considered shifting your focus to the ones you already have? Turning a one-time customer into a loyal and returning customer is one of the greatest things you can do for your business. In fact, research shows that revenue is increased by 10% for every 1% of return customers. There are many ways to boost customer retention, but one way is via your packaging, and in particular- what is inside your packaging.

If you are looking to boost your revenue and increase your amount of return customers (and who isn’t looking to do either of those things?), you should consider including packaging inserts in your shipments. These inserts can range in value, but all will have a positive impact on your brand and are sure to make your customers feel appreciated. Here are some ideas on what to include as your packaging inserts.

Discount code for a future order

Adding a discount code into your packaging is one of the easiest and cheapest things you can do, but customers will really appreciate it. This may be a small gesture, but it shows your customers that you care, and hopefully encourages them to become a return customer.

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Julep, for example, includes multiple discount codes in their orders. Following this model, you could offer a general code (such as free shipping or a percentage off) and also a more specific code directed at a certain item or category of items you sell. For example, if you have a new selection of products out, offer a 20% discount when you purchase those specific items. This will increase your customers’ awareness of the new items, and will hopefully inspire them to make a purchase.


You may be an ecommerce brand, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep all of your marketing online. Consider printing up a small catalog with high quality, professional images of your products. Include this catalog in your packaging to alert your customers of other items you offer. If you sell a lot of products, you can always save money by printing a smaller catalog that only features new products, or best selling ones. The more exposure your brand and products get, the better!

Free sample

Who doesn’t love getting free stuff? If you are able to, include a free sample as your packaging insert. This is the single greatest way to get exposure for certain products you offer, as nothing can beat trying a product in person. As an ecommerce store, you aren’t able to have your customers try out products in store. A great way around this is by including a sample in all of your orders.

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You can either have your customers choose their free sample/samples at checkout (like Sephora does), or you can select something yourself that you think your customer would like. Consider also including a discount code for that product should the person decide they want the full-sized item.

Personalized, handwritten note

This packaging insert example is all about proving your customer service is amazing. By taking the time to hand write and send a thank you card in your orders, you are demonstrating that you actually care about each and every customer you have. In your note, you should also include a line encouraging the customer to contact you should there be any issue. The time it takes you to write the card is well worth it in the long run, as people are more likely to be return customers for brands they trust and who put their customers first- and prove it.

Social media request

Social media is a great tool for spreading the word about your business; so don’t be ashamed to ask people to brag about you on social media if they are happy with their products. Include a hashtag for the customer to use, and as an incentive be sure to mention that you repost customer images. The chance to be featured on a brand’s page is exciting for a lot of people, and as a result you will likely increase your amount of followers as well as people who want to see your page to see if their image gets posted.

While you can’t repost every image, it would be good to have someone on your team at the very least go through and ‘like’ every image, and possibly comment on the image as well. Customers love feeling a personal connection to the brands they shop at, and this is a great way to establish that bond.

Free gift

Finally, if your brand doesn’t make it easy for you to include a free sample, consider including a free gift instead. In fact, choosing something unrelated to your brand and sending that with your orders is a great way to make your customer happy without running the risk of them feeling like you are constantly selling them something. Again, the point with these packaging inserts is to make your customers happy and to encourage them to become return customers. Including something “just because” is a great way to say thank you, and will definitely be memorable.

You could also include a gift that is related to your product. For example, if you sell personalized mugs, you could include a small thing of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea. The gift doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but instead should be something thoughtful that you know your customers will appreciate.

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