How to Get the Most Out of A/B Testing

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It’s a simple fact that running A/B tests will boost your conversions- right? Unfortunately, not always. In fact, A/B Testing is often a frustrating experience where conversion rates either don’t improve, or they actually get worse. In fact, a study conducted by VWO showed that only 1 out of every 7 A/B tests was a winning test. That means that … Read More

The Best Customer Service Tips for Your Ecommerce Store

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Have you ever had a bad customer service experience? Chances are you have, and it likely made a very memorable impression on you. This is true for all of us. Great customer service can easily boost your store to new levels of success. However, bad customer service can drive your customers away in an instant. In fact, research shows that … Read More

Exploring The Benefits of Email Segmentation

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email segmentation

Though it may get less attention these days, email marketing is still a very useful tool for ecommerce brands. In fact, 61 percent of people say they like receiving weekly promotional emails. The statistics on the effectiveness of email marketing is also enticing, with consumers who are marketed through email spending on average 138 percent more than those who aren’t, … Read More

Learning the Basics of SEO

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For ecommerce companies, utilizing search engines is one of the most important things you will do in order to have a successful brand. However, before you can have your website highly ranked on Google and other search engines, you first have to understand exactly how search engines work and what is needed on your end to get noticed. This process, … Read More

Tips on Creating an Effective Marketing Plan

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Running your own ecommerce business is no easy job. Especially if you don’t have a huge team around to help with all the various tasks that need to be done, running a brand can be exhausting. From a technical side, there is a lot of work that goes into ensuring you have a properly functioning site that displays your products, … Read More

7 Tips on Making Your Ecommerce Store Feel More Personal

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Deciding to run your own ecommerce store is incredibly exciting. This industry is one that allows for people with all sorts of unique ideas to create businesses and sell products to people all over the world. Small business owners have never had this type of personal visibility and ability to sell, and it’s all thanks to the Internet and technology. … Read More